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Why SOS?

Child Centered Learning

Providing a wide variety of educational methods allows us to better cater to the distinct learning needs of students so that we can do away with the rote teaching techniques and tedious drills. These methods help you develop skills and a mindset that enables independent problem-solving and lifelong learning.   

Future Classroom

Experts on diverse topics conduct virtual classes to provide students with the opportunity to learn from a master on those particular topics. Learning platforms enable teachers to share educational materials with students via the Internet. They can create a virtual classroom to represent their classroom in an exciting way.

Integrated Units

SOS Atrey, one of the top CBSE schools, uses an interdisciplinary approach to teach its students, fostering their ability to think critically, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and fostering their independent thinking ability. It also encourages them to be self-confident and independent learners and empowers them to freely express themselves.

Communication Lab

In response to the need of the hour, the SOS Atrey has come up with the concept of Communication Lab to help students improve their linguistic abilities including listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The ability to communicate effectively is crucial for success in any line of work. To communicate well, you must read, write, listen, and speak—and practice these skills every day. The language laboratory aids the process of learning a language

Online Teaching

Amid the current crisis, SOS Atrey has switched to virtual classrooms until it is safe for children to attend school physically again. All classes are being conducted via Google Classroom and Google Meet. These tools enable every student to attend their classes from home in safety. To ease teachers and students into the change, we’ve conducted many training sessions and webinars that explain Google Classroom and Google Meet. Online classes have also been set up with guidelines on how students should conduct themselves.

Additionally, workshops are being offered on arts and other extra-curricular topics so that the students can broaden their interests.



Safety First

The school provides safe and reliable transportation for students and teachers. Besides, the school campus is being monitored by 54 CCTVs at every corner.


Certified Teacher

The school consists a team of 80 well qualified, experienced teachers which ensures quality education to children.


Global Student Exchange Programme

MGS is associated with British Council for the last five years through Global School Partnership Program. MGS is the only educational group in the region to receive a Cluster programme with British Council in UK.


Regular Classes

Regular online classes are conducted with teacher's making best effort to reach and every children. Besides, academic teachers regularly conduct extra curricular activities.


Creative Activities

Besides Drawing, Painting, SoS also focus on Drama, dance, music and technology.


Sport Facilities

he school also has a huge playground with a skating rink and facilities for other sports. There is also a swimming pool. The Adventure Park provides opportunities for climbing, obstacles, tracking and rafting


Maximum Students Gets A+

Teachers assure the progress of all children by providing individual attention to each and every one of them. Thus, the output is 100 percent result and maximum students gets A+.

Clean & Healthy Environment

With huge campus, the school management ensures about healthy and hygiene to be maintained at school. Water purifier, washrooms, clean classrooms and all other amenities are provided.


We All Have New Technologies

Atal Tinkering Lab is dedicated to learn innovative skills equipped with 3D printers. The school has introduced Google Future Class with Chromebooks which help the students experience a personalized learning environment. Besides, E-library and other advanced technologies has been adopted.