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Dr. Shilpa Newaskar

"Education is not the preparation of life - Education is life itself……"John Dewey. In the era of technological evolution the conventional methods of imparting knowledge are no more sufficient . We are all aware now that advanced technology has been a paradigm shift in the education sector. The teacher as a facilitator plays prominent role in moulding the students scrupulously so that they develop the power to demonstrate their intellectual prowess. The strategised and streamlinedmethods of education reflect the students’ future.In congruence with the technological evolution we create numerous creative ways in the classroom to boost students’ potential. We comply with the enriched curriculum-based content & efficient online learning resources. Thus we assure that our students are engaged in the quality learning hours persistently. Our intensive focus is on experiential and holistic education.

Therefore the annual curriculum plan is well woven with Scholastic & Co-Scholastic activities assuring overall development of our students. We have organised special programmes to enrich the Co-curricular activities with magnificent blend of harmony and synchronisation.

We comprehend the pivotal role of teachers in teaching-learning process. Hence for the professional development of teachers we conduct regular exhaustive training sessions under our Resource Center to make the teachings constructive and dynamic. Capacity building sessions held by CBSE are the added measures. We continue with our endeavours of enhancing the capabilities of our students and help them achieve the level of excellence in their chosen field. My sincere gratitude to the management for their clear vision and systematic approach. The teachers' dedication & commitment is highly appreciable too. Last but not the least parents’co-operation and students’conscientious work has been motivational always.

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