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Atal Tinkering Lab

SOS is dedicated to making our students self-sustainable, and our partnership with the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) through the ATAL Tinkering Labs program is one way we are achieving this goal. Through this program, high school students develop an innovative mindset and create working models to solve community problems.

Atal Tinkering Lab
Self-Paced Classrooms

Self-Paced Classrooms- Blended Learning

SOS is an elite school that blends innovative teaching with technology to create a unique learning experience for students. Self-paced classrooms within blended learning cater to all types of learners and promote independence. Students can ask teachers questions at their own pace through Google Classroom.


Students at SOS have access to a range of clubs in Literary, Science, Maths, Environment, and Art, enabling them to explore new interests and develop life skills. These clubs promote teamwork and unity, and events such as Meet the Author and Meet the Scientist offer students valuable exposure to the real world.

Co scholastic


At SOS, co-curricular activities (CCA) are considered integral to providing students with systematic and meaningful learning opportunities that help prepare them for the future through dance, music, art, and physical education. CCA fosters holistic personality development that focuses on physical fitness and multiple skills, encouraging students to explore strengths and talents beyond academics.

Remedial Cell

SOS has a team of exclusively trained teachers and psychologists who provide support and guidance services to children with special needs, slow learners, and learning disabilities to enhance their learning experience.

Remedial Cell
Remedial Cell

Career Counselling

The career counselling program at SOS is designed to assist students in understanding the different career opportunities available and choosing the best one based on their skills and interests.

Art / Science Exhibition

Exhibitions at SOS offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and talents in science, art, math, and other subjects, highlighting the practical application of their work.

Career Counselling
Art/science exhibition

Student Led Conference

Young Achievers - Research Skills is an initiative at SOS that provides students with different platforms to grow in various fields. At this intra-SOS conference led by students, budding researchers present their research work on topics of their choice from a set of given themes.

Digital Resources

At SOS, our students can benefit from an extensive range of digital resources accessible 24/7 from any location. Our in-house class-wise and subject-wise resources, digital libraries, and innovation portal offer personalized learning opportunities, promote self-directed learning, and encourage students to venture beyond the confines of the textbook.


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