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what is atal tinkering lab

What Is An Atal Tinkering Lab?

Atal Tinkering Labs offer state-of-the-art tools and equipment for students to develop and showcase their STEM skills, fostering a culture of innovation and lifelong learning.

what is atal tinkering lab
setting up atal tinkering lab

Who Is Setting Up These An Atal Tinkering Lab?

Atal Tinkering Labs are set up by the Atal Innovation Mission of the Indian government to promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among school students.

Computational Thinking

The development of computational thinking skills is a primary objective of Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs). Through the utilization of tools such as programming languages, robotics kits, and 3D printers, students are encouraged to think critically and systematically, breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts.

computational thinking
atal tinkering digital library

A Tinkering Lab Enables Students To Create & Innovate Using Technology

By offering students access to tools and technologies such as 3D printers, robotics kits, and programming languages, ATAL Tinkering Labs encourage creativity and innovation in problem-solving. This approach empowers students to develop solutions to real-world problems using technology.

Design Thinking

Design thinking skills can be developed through ATAL Tinkering Labs, which provide students with a platform for exploring, ideating, prototyping, and testing their ideas. The design thinking process involves understanding a problem, brainstorming possible solutions, and testing those solutions through prototyping and iteration.

atal tinkering design thinking
skills of the future

Curiosity, Creativity Imagination. The Real Skills Of The Future.

The Atal Tinkering Lab inspires students to learn by doing, fostering an environment of experimentation and exploration, while also encouraging creativity and imagination. It also drives innovation by inspiring them to develop fresh solutions to real-world problems.


With access to a range of modern equipment and tools and guidance from experts, the ATAL Tinkering Lab facilitates ideation among students. The Lab promotes creativity and imagination, helping students to come up with new and innovative ideas.

atal tinkering lab ideating
physical computing

Physical Computing

Students can gain valuable experience in physical computing by utilizing the Atal Tinkering Lab's extensive array of tools, including microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and programming software.

From Dreams In 3D To 3D Prototypes.

Atal Tinkering Lab empowers students to explore their creativity and bring their 3D visions to fruition through the creation of 3D prototypes. With state-of-the-art 3D printing, scanning, and design software, students can fabricate physical objects that reflect their ideas and innovations.

dreams in 3D to 3d

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